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Discharge Activator - Reuse after it dries?

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I switched over to all discharge printing and I'll never look back. I use primarily Textcharge ink and Activator, and after I measure out the activator agent, I dissolve it in hot water before I add it to the ink. Works great. After the residue from the container I mix the water and activator in dries again, it forms a solid activator again. I have been removing the residue and saving it to dispose of. Now, I have might be a very stupid question... Does the water start the timer on it's life, or does the ink? Im wondering if I can reuse this activator after it's dried out. Over time, I have collected a good amount, and I'd hate to toss it out if I can be used.

I suppose the ultimate test would be to mix a small amount and try it, but Im wondering if anyone has done this?


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To answer my own question and for those of you on a budget, the answer is... YES. It can still be used, at least in my test. Not sure I'd trust it on a long or important job, but with the dried residue in my container to dissolve the agent before adding to my ink, when it dries, and you scrape it out, crushing it back up, and adding water to it again to dissolve, and adding that to ink makes the ink active. I was shocked it worked, but it did, the same as fresh from a new container.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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