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I am going to be coming out with some shirts that relate to sports and life in general. While I will be creating a web site, I will will also be walking into sports shops, athlectic clubs, yoga centers, etc. How to do this, what to expect?

What should I do\have, in preperation for this, (business cards, forms, (which ones), samples?

Walk in cold, or, call first. identify who the buyer\manager\owner is, make an appointment? Are there usually certain days, times of the day to do this.

Any benefit to doing mailings, (possibly postcards with some t-shirt images on them)?

Leave freebe samples, (mail them out)?

If they place an order, use what form, get $ then, give them x days, etc., etc?

How quickly will they usually want their order? How much stock should I have on hand, (pre-printed).

Should I be checking with some kind of credit bureau before i actually ship?

etc>< etc>


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