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A waste of money is sending out 225 mailers and getting one buyer. How much did that cost anyway, $.45 a mailer= $101.25 to get one buyer.
Well, actually they cost us like .54 each. The product I am selling is a high ticket item. that is why it was successfull. It is also a new invention, so getting any response right out of the gate was exciting. I dont want to get into it too much, since this forum is supposed to be about t-shirts.

Any recommendations for direct mail companies or finding mailing addresses of prospects?
We found potential customers in the phone book, but what we where doing is different from what you guys are talking about.

I general, I think that direct mail is successfull for companies that sell expensive items. It could work, I think if you are a screen printer trying to sell team uniforms, or printed shirts to schools. I wouldnt waste my money, if you are selling $15 t-shirts though. You will probably be dissapointed. With direct mail, if you want to see any responce, you have to send out alot. If you send out less than 100, there is a good chance that you will got 0% responce, which can be discouraging.

You know what would be way more cheaper and you would get alot more exposure and product awareness, put an ad out in your local newspapers. The major newspaper here in San Diego the Union Tribune has a circulation of a Million plus every sunday. There are also pennysavers and those free weekly shoppers that you can pick up at 7 Eleven, Am Pm, liquer stores, albertsons almost everywhere and they distribute tens of thousands of those every week. The weekly shopper newspapers in San Diego only cost only $10 to submit a 25 word ad line. If you can write an effective ad then there you are, your website domain in print in a couple of thosand households ready to generate sales. Just think about it how many of you have newspapers just lying around that you picked days ago and read through them a couple of times before you get rid of them.
The reason that those ads are cheap is becuase they give you no exposure. My guess is that that ad would yield almost no result. Theres a reason that its that cheap.
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