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Re: direct garment printing

I am going to buy a Direct to Garment printer in the next week or two and I was at the SGIA show last week. I took my logo on a usb drive to every direct to garment vendor there who was printing- some of them resisted printing my logo (even though their booth was not too busy, so how could I possibly buy from one of them). Any way, my logo is fairly simple, single color and I gave them a tif file. They had to resize it, but no other tweaks or rocket science were required. I am only interested in printing on white, so I had them print my logo on a white shirt. I came home with 8 white shirts, ran them through the wash and have eliminated 5 vendors. I know there could be other variables involved, but the other 5 simply did not look good either before or after the wash.

DTG Kiosk, Brother GT541 and Sawgrass advantage all still look great and are in the running for my purchase.

I am now trying to do my homework on support/training and any other considerations for DTG, Brother and DTG. Any comments on these three vendors and their machines would be appreciated.
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