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Re: direct garment printing

It is all in the pre-treatment. Master that and you will have a good product out the back end.

DTG printers are great for printing short runs in a hurry. Also, for those of us that don't want to fuss with screen printing issues like burning screens, space taken up by the screen press itself, having to have a skilled screen printer person, a curing unit, recover of chemicals used DTG is a viable alternative.

Printing on white/light colored T's is good on any machine that you will find out there. We were impressed with all offerings from all vendors on this front. Dark shirts are more of a challenge but not impossible. The biggest hold back with them is the cost of printing with white ink. A 10" round image will cost about $5 ink to get a good print, far more than screen printing costs. Knowing this going in will help you out a lot when you make a choice in printers.
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