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DingBats for Decals - Licenses

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Ok so I have seen people mention using free dingbats to make decals (for commercial use). Some contain .txt files with licenses - such as an OFL, some contain no such file.

What if I find a "Free" Dingbat font that contains what I would assume/know is a licensed logo? (For example I see many containing Mickey Mouse and Batman logos) Most of these type fonts don't have a .txt file. My assumption would be no file to prove it = no license = don't sell decals made from it. Is this a correct assumption?

This whole Open Font License is new to me so I am just trying to weed my way through the legal part of it.


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Hi Marie,
All I know is, don't even try to commercially use anything with Disney, Batman, Harley Davidson, licensed character, movie phrase, etc.......
You won't be safe from being sued $$$.
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It is HIGHLY unlikely that the font creator has a license to use Mickey Mouse or Batman logos within their fonts. So they have no rights to extend any permission to users of the fonts.Steer clear of using any trademarked logos unless you have specific license or permission direct from the trademark owner.
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