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digitising for applique

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I have seen the new glitterflake and would like to use it as an applique in text as the attachments. Can someone give me an idea of how to digitise for this, I use wilcom 8. I usually send my digitising away to be done but I would be interested in knowing how to do this myself.


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Attached is a file where I've done a quick sample.

Attached on the jpeg I have shown 2 options:
Left option is as per the design you sent.
Right option is as per how we would do it.

Reason: Left side you have a satin stitch covering all the underlays so the density will be pretty high. If the appq material is not tough it will most likely tear apart after a few washes and hence the appq will start falling off. We therefore put a reinforcement running stitch is the colour of the appq so its not very visible. This will help the appq to stay in place without getting torn off.

In regards to how to setup the appq design, you need to first run a running line guideline to show the operator where he/she will place the appq. Once the guideline has been stitched, the machine needs to trim and stop. Operator then lays the appq in the area. You could use sprays with adhesive so the appq sticks onto the garment. Then start the machine again...quickly runs around the guideline to get a grip of the appq followed by a backstitch. The backstitch helps in making the hold firmer and at the same time easy to tear off with some strength with this type of appq. If its cotton appq you will need to cut it with a scissor. So once the backstitch is complete the machine should stop to cut the appq. After cutting run the machine again to cover it all up with a satin border. All done.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for your reply Katie.
So if I wanted to create a whole word as per my attachment would I have to manually digitise around the whole outside and inner parts of the design??

Yes in your case I would do the full design.
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