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Digital Painter Illustrator New Member

Looking to expand My Business with

What do I need to Know are there Transfer printers out here? Looking Quality

Any Help is Appreciated.
Thank You in Advance for YOUR TIME.
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Hi, and welcome.

'Heat transfers' covers a wide area. Can you be more specific? For instance, are your designs mainly 1 or 2 solid colours, or photographic in nature?

A sublimation setup will allow printing any image but is limited to 100% polyester material in white or very light shades. You'll need a sublimation printer with sublimation inks and paper plus a press.

To sublimate on other materials, such as cotton, you need special transfer papers, some of which involve buying an expensive laser printer that can use white toner.

For solid colour designs, glitter, metallics etc you can use heat transfer vinyl, for which you'll need a vinyl cutter as well as a heat press.

There are also transfers known as plastisol transfers in which your design (solid colours again) is screen printed onto special paper which can be pressed by you. They produce results almost indistinguishable from regular screen printing but you need to order say 100 sheets or more of the same design to be cost effective. The beauty of them are that the only equipment you'll need to buy will be a heat press.
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Thanks for the Info...
Was wondering about plastisol transfers and what the quality was.
I have Sublimation Equipment and a Hix 16 x 20 Press.
Have found that the Lite colors and only Polyester to be expensive.
Thought the Cotton Shirts and being able to do DARKS would be a nice change.

Have you had Transfers done?
If so Who did you use?
Are you UK? I'm just getting started myself with plastisols and was recommended this site, which I've had samples from and find them excellent an easy to apply...


For my purposes it wouldn't be viable unless I ordered 100 or more sheets of each design as the prices increase dramatically for quantities below 100. This is understandable, considering they have to set up screens for printing your design.

Their price per sheet for 100 A3 sheets in one colour is £1.66 which, considering you can 'gang' many different designs on one sheet, is very cost-effective in my opinion. Ordering 1,000 sheets reduces the sheet price to just 79p.

I have added a chart I made using the price per sheet for single colour A3 sheets from Graphiscreen ...

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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