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Digital Factory - Printing Jobs in Specific Order?

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So I just downloaded a free trial of the Digital Factory Apparel Epson and so far I'm loving it. There's just one problem though - because of my production workflow I need to be able to print jobs in an alphabetical order, however DF doesn't seem to process jobs in a queue that way. It seems to rip and/or print in a random order. I've tried numerous ways to get it to print in alphabetical order, such as ripping jobs one by one, adding jobs to the queue one by one, anything I can think of but it still jumps all over the place. I need to be able to have the jobs get sent to the printer in alphabetical order so all I have to do is press the blue button on the Epson F2000. With over 200+ shirts to print each time, in various colors and sizes, just having the queue jump all over the place doesn't work. Cadlink's website posts a "On-the-fly job prioritizing using simple drag and drop" which seems to point to this but I can't figure out how to get it to work. Hoping someone can give me some advice. Thank you!!!
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