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I'm sure Corel is similar to Adobe's photoshop, this is assuming you're using Paint Shop Pro. This is with Photoshop, but I've used PSP when I was in high school, and I remember it being really similar, so here is a mini rundown with Photoshop that could work with Corel's PSP.

Just create a new file, fill in how big you want your final image to be, I believe you can select how you want to measure the size (with inches or pixels, should be on the drop down menu next to width/height).

After you open the new file, open your two images you wanna combine. File -> Open -> image 1 and then rinse and repeat and open image 2. Now you should have 3 mini windows. Image 1 and 2 and the new file you're about to create. If you right click on the title bar of each, it will probably should show you option about that file. For your image 1 and 2, you can right click and change the image size to fit your new file size. And then, just simply click and drag image 1 and 2, to the new file and position it.

When you're done. File -> Save for web -> jpg or gif and yeah. Thats it. Hopefully itll help because I explained it with using another program, but im sure its similar
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