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Howdy! Just six months ago my life took on a new direction when an old friend and long-time admirer of my graphic design and photo editing capabilities asked me to bring some vintage artwork back to life. The mission was to capture the artwork digitally and turn the images into salable products for a museum gift shop that had just opened in our city.

Through a little research I found some of the artwork (vintage prints and posters) had already been digitized by the Library of Congress and were in Public Domain. Starting with those images, I set to work on creating new copyrightable adaptations. My first products were frameable art cards, paper, canvas and photo prints.

I opened a Cafepress shop to do a little test-marketing online during the Christmas holidays and quickly generated some sales so I began researching the heat transfer business. Finally yesterday I ordered my first heat press (a GeoKnight DK 20) and some transfer sheets for ink jet and color laser printing (HP 4550). I'm nervous as all get out about taking this step. I am looking forward to networking with the members of this forum in hopes that I can avoid making a lot of common mistakes, taking my artistic endeavors to the next level as fast or faster than I have come so far. In exchange for sharing your expertise, I would be happy to contribute what I can from my knowledge base of being an entrepreneur of one sort of another for over 40 years (yes, I started as a kid ;) ). For more on my background, check out my artist profile at http://www.ballooningart.com/gallery/Barbara_Tomlin.htm or my corporate one at http://www.westward.com/people/barbt.htm .

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