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I've accepted a full time position (a real job, yikes!) and won't be needing my DAS artwork collection anymore.

I'm willing to put all of it up as an ebay auction, I'm just not sure if people would want to purchase as a whole or individual. So, let me know what you want & how you want to go about it!

I'll accept paypal & cash if you're in the area.

If we're going to go the shipping route, add $7 for individual & I'll be happy to work with someone on combined shipping. If someone wants to buy all of them at once, I'll pay for shipping to the lower 48. These are all the original CD's.

Smart Templates 1 - $200 Valued at $299+ship &tax
Smart Templates 2 - $200 Valued at $299+ship &tax
Smart Templates 3 - $260 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Smart Templates 4 - $260 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Ready Art 1 - $250 Valued at $399+ship &tax
EPS Clip Art - $200 Valued at $299+ship &tax
Creative Concepts - $275 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Sports & Mascots 1- $275 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Sports & Mascots 2- $275 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Power Graphics 2- $275 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Power Graphics 3- $275 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Design Studio 1- $300 Valued at $399+ship &tax
Design Studio 2 -$300 Valued at $399+ship &tax

The above totals to $3345, if you want to buy all of them at once I'll take $3050(I'll pay for shipping) - This whole collection is valued at $4887 + tax and shipping that DAS is going to charge you.

These are all really great products, and really help the design process.

Feel free to send me a PM on here or directly to my email at [email protected]

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