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Digi flex vinyl

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Hi guys,

Just bought some digi flex but ive hit a brick wall!

Like normal flex it has a plastic backing the you usually have facing up on the tee when pressing however if you repeated this process you would then print onto the side that would then be stuck facing down onto the tee, I can't see how this is gunna work, if someone can help then please do!!!

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If it's the clear you print mirrored and then press print side down.
Sorry neil should've said, it's white digi flex!
I've never used that particular brand, but I'd say you print clear side down, NOT MIRROR, contour cut, weed and use transfer tape press the shirt and remove the transfer tape.
With the white print, not mirrored, contour cut and weed, remove from backing and transfer to garment, I usually cover with baking paper. Press at 165C/329F for 18 seconds.
Neil, do you not need that extra plastic layer then? Just pull it direct from there and place onto garment?
It's just a backing sheet, you contour cut the design and then remove it from the backing sheet either by hand or if it's a complicated design using application mask.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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