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Hey now..

Hubby and I have been professional screen printers for about 6 years printing plastisol.

We took on a rather large job and we are needing to use waterbased ink.

We have little experience using it.

T-shirt color: Cherry Red - 100% organic cotton
Ink : Aerotek Royal blue (using catalyst that comes with it)

We tried a few test prints. Print looks GREAT. Using 110 mesh screen (we will be using 156 for the actual job).

We ran it through a 10ft conveyor dryer @ 250 degrees for about a minute.

We also let the shirts sit for 48 hrs. before running a wash test. First washing - - Royal blue ink everywhere splotched all over the shirts.

Now - since we did a test run, we measured out the catalyst to the ink rather than mixing the whole quart to the whole catalyst bottle.

We printed on Red and Medium gray. I didn't see ink everywhere on the gray shirt, so I am wondering if maybe the red shirt is the problem since we didn't use a discharge.


and Thanks!

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We ran it through a 10ft conveyor dryer @ 250 degrees for about a minute.
That's not long enough. Slow down your conveyor so the print stays at temperature for 2 minutes.

Also, be careful with your testing. Once you add catalyst, the ink has a shelf life of only 48 hours. After that, you have to throw it away. Suggest you use a scale and mix up smaller batches.

FYI waterbased ink of choice for professional printers is Matsui.

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Here are a couple of thoughts,

1 - Yes the garment may be to blame. It may have a silicone coating that is blocking the ink from getting a good bond to the garment.

2 - As stated above, more curing is always better and I would raise your temp closer to 300F.

If the same ink works one one garment but not another, all other things being equal, then yes I would blame the garment.

Good luck!
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