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I do agree! Another client I encounter is they want a 100 pcs personalized tote with front and back imprint, but using different designs so it's two screens. I gave them a good price, the standard price that other product promotions company give. They said those type of totes worth only $99 cents each at the grocery store! Then I have to explain that those big groceries like Vons, Albertsons, Walmart did a volume orders not just a hundred pieces.

After 1 week they called me again if I can give it to them for 99 cents each no setup fee, 2 locations, 2 different designs for 100 pcs. and they want the tote to come in assorted colors like 10 blue, 10 red, 10 white, etc.

So what will be my response for this my fellow t-shirt forum members?
"yes of course, if you order 100k pieces."

Don't fall for those type of customers. Your competitors won't do it (which the customer already knows and is pushing you around), why should you?
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