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Hi T-Shirt Forum folk... sorry for the repost, but apparently there was a technical error due to a SPAMwit.

This is my first post here on what seems to be a fantastic site...

I've been considering using a Fufillment Service like CafePress for my T-Shirt designs... but thus far, I havn't found one that meets all my needs.

I was hoping someone out there might have a suggestion for a site other than the majors listed in the T-Shirt Fufillment discussion.

I'd like a shop that offers the same variety of merchandise (differnt colours/styles etc.) as Speadshirt but that ships to all countries, particularly Asia and Australia (my home). 99 Dogs is pretty close but still only offers a pretty limited colour range.

I'd also be interested in hearing about a Fufillment Service that deals with baby/infant/kids clothes.

Thanks for any suggestions you can make.

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Are you looking only for "print on demand", or are you also considering screen printing and embroidery (which requires that you pre pay for inventory)?

For Print on Demand with colored garments, spreadshirt and 99dogs are the only ones I know of.

There are more options if you start going with a fulfillment company that does screen printing/embroidery (although that does require that you pre-purchase the inventory).
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