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Different variables between transfer papers

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Hi guys i got a used press the other day (looks like an old style AC365) it came with a crap ton of paper. I know there are a lot of variables to this so I'll try to provide you with as many details as possible. What I'm basically wondering is if anyone has any semi solid usage instructions for the following types of paper. I'm playing with my press today and did about 15 different presses with only 5 or so turning out. I was using the following paper and settings today

10 second knock out light fabric paper. I had my press set at 176 Celsius (350f) and pressed for 15 seconds mid to heavy pressure I had the most success with it when warm peeling it (waiting about 10-15 seconds after press to peel) is there a specific method to use when peeling? Ie peeling straight up flat surface holding in hands ect?

I've also got the following paper:

Image clip concert t (orange backing)
Image clip laser optic sheet koncert t (blue grid backing)
Dura cotton (save 50% of the time)
Digi trans (no laser no weed)

What's the best way to know the difference between light medium and high oressure when all you have is one of those big screw knobs to set it?

Any tips would be great. I would love to start selling but am worried about the amount of waste involved. I imagine it could eat into profit very quickly lol
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Also, what are some e ways to tell when a shirt is ready to peel and "done"
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