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I'm doing an order right now that goes from a 3t to a 5XL. The customer wants a different size on both. I read the responses but was wondering if anyone else has any input. Right now I'm working with a company that has a minimum of 30 transfers. Am I getting ripped off? Are there companies who don't have a minimum that I could send the artwork to and just ask for a couple small transfers and a few large transfers? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

You are not going to get a few unless you pay a lot for them. Some companies offer as few as 6. Ace does Ace Transfer Company First Edition Untitled Document offers 15. I would not use a company that offers only 30 min. I think you client doest not understand that if he went to a screen printer he would be paying for the different screen charges for the 2 sizes as well. I doubt you going to get them by Friday.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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