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Different printing options?

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I was wondering what the major differences and pro and cons of the different types of printing on t shirts. I know this a very broad question and probably has infinite answers but any insight would be helpful.
Thanks a lot
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I guess because of the variety involved you need to somewhat clarify your question... Like are you asking about screen printing vs DTG and vs Heat Transfers.. Are you printing now, do you want to be a printer? I personally used to print silkscreen... Lots and lots of it.. Had some issues back in 2002, Now I use only transfers, I do the art and Dowling Graphics in Clearwater Florida makes my art into transfers and I heat press them on to customers shirts. My wife and I work out of a 1200 sq ft building in West Frankfort Illinois compared to 20,000 square feet in Ducktown, Tn and we sleep lot better at night... not making quite the money but lot less hassles..
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