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different prices for different designs

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hi folks,

anyone find a solution for allowing customers to pick different products (hats, shirts, etc) and then apply a desirable design...but to charge different amounts based on the different design? For example, if we have 5000 different designs, we might want to charge $4.50 for one and $19.00 for another...

and then the software would add the product price to the design price to give a final calculated price?
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Welcome to the forums:)

Hmmm I dont think there is a software solution that you can assign different prices depending on design. I think with all of the solutions out there, you can only assign different prices depending on the garment or item being designed. Sorry :(

I wish I could be more help, but unfortunately the programs out there do not work in this manner.
Maybe your "item" could be the design, and the "option" could be the product.

By that, I mean that rather than picking a polo shirt, and then picking "blue", it would rather allow someone to pick from your 5000 designs, then pick "hat". The design would have a price. The option "blue" or "hat" would also have a price. You should even be able to pick a third option such as "size." Size can even have pricing variables (such as 3X costing an extra $2.00).

Clear as mud? Short answer is that your idea sounds possible if you have a flexible back end.

I use Volusion, and it seems to do the things I mentioned above.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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