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difference between heat press and dye sub papers?

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is the difference between a heat transfer( on storebought paper)and dye sublimation heat tranfers, basically just the ink and the paper in the most basic of terms ty for your time
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Re: Hope This Isnt To Basic

sorry ,i meant to say in the making of heat transfers the only difference is the inks and type of paper between regular and dy sub.

thank you
Well, with dye sub, you can only print on products with polyester (like 50/50 t-shirts or polyester coated products).

So the types of garments you can use with dye sub are different than those with heat press.

The feel of a dye sub printed garment is also different than a heat pressed garment (with dye sub, the ink blends INTO the fabric so you can't feel the design if you run your hand over it -- heat press is pressed on top of the garment).

You can find lots of good information about dye sub at www.dyesub.org as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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