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Aluminum frames are more durable, You can use youre inkjet with some tracing to start with, tho they can jam in your printer so be careful. I was able to get some pretty decent halftones for special effects. When you start making money upgrade your printer..Another thing about screens is dont cheap out and get warped, crappy cuz it will show in your final work ie. blurry etc. Screening doest have to behigh tech to get some decent jobs done. I was able to make over a hundred an hour on small runs with homemade, low tech stuff.
It is nice to have good equipment tho'..less frustrating. So earn some money and upgrade = ) and most of all....enjoy the process..as it can be challenging.
Good Luck.
P.s blockout is if you get pinhole you can block them out ,but your emulsion does the same thing.
Screentape is for taping the gutters on the outer edges of the ink side...protects the screen adhesive from screenwash, pressure wash etc.
What i do is apply one coat of emulsionto the bottom of screen, let dry..burn. 500w halogens burn good enough from about 18'' for about 15 mins. I dont know how much you know about printing, but this forum is the place to learn.
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