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Diff. between 6.1 oz and 5 oz (I KNOW)

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Hey everyone, bigtime newbie question. What is the difference between 6.1 oz and 5 oz. Other than weight, thickness and price. Is there a difference to the "smoothness", neck collar, length, etc? Does anyone prefer one to the other? Which would you prefer for summer weather? Thanks
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There could be differences in smoothness, collar, etc. depending on the style. The only way to know for sure is to order samples and test. Or, if you are talking about 2 specific tees, tell us what brand and style and someone may have some info for you.
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Well I was looking at the FOTL 5oz Heavy cotton. Also seeing if someone worked with 6 oz Hanes tagless or Lofteez. If anyone had any complaints, or had a personal preference.
I eventually plan on buying some samples, but mainly want to order some blanks that I know would produce great results when I press transfers onto them. I know its a trial and error game.
I just know there are certain things I want to avoid. Like "bacon" collars, shrinking, too baggy. Also looking for a shirt that doesn't feel thin "cheap".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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