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ffokazak said:
so something like this would print multi coloured designs and cut them?
seems to be a bit flaky, only 700$
No that machine is a cutter only. Roland made a machine you find on Ebay sometimes that printed and cut all from the same machine. They are expensive to buy and do big orders with. For a dozen or 2 theyre ok to have though. A cutter is, in my opinion, the best way to start. You have more than just tshirts in your arsenal with one. Tshirts, diecut stickers, banners, store fronts and entry doors, vehicle lettering, "Forsalle" signs. The list is only as short as YOU want it to be. Ive had mine for just over a year and not only made my investment back but tripled it. I do have to admit, being nead D.C. and all the military bases, plus knowing the owner of the largest paintball deal in the area hasnt hurt. Oh yeah, the most effort I put into making sales was doing a little online forum name dropping and going to play paintball, things I was already doing. The tshirts were an after thought for me. And just like me sticker/banner side, Im taking my time, learning some tricks and such and soon enough larger orders will roll in. Just remember, Dont rush into any big dollar purchase. Google the hell out of any item youre interested in.
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