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Re: Trade show

I was there Tuesday, mainly to crash parties. My line wasn't ready to do this show but we will be exhibitors for Magic in February.

Anyhow, what I gathered from talking to various brands and friends who had booths there, it is a grind. Long hours standing around, acting nice to people, trying to get orders. I even talked to buyers and they seemed exhausted just walking around looking at stuff all day.

Something interesting I learned: a lot of brands had private showings of their samples in hotel suites, open only to sales reps and buyers. I was told this was to prevent anyone from stealing design ideas and, in Nike's case, to prevent the possibility of knock-offs being made.

After the show wrapped up for the day, clothing line reps barely had time to catch dinner before they went out to party, if they had the energy to even go.

For us it was a trip well worth it. Our sole purpose was to hit up the GOOD Music/Greyone party Tuesday night where the who's who's of streetwear was on hand. We spent almost a grand in alcohol and a VIP table but with the contacts we made it was like our mini Magic booth. Money well spent.
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