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Did I overburn my screen?

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This is the first screen I have tried to burn:

-I have a 150 watt bulb that i placed 12 inches above the image.

-I left it under the light for 1 hour

- When i washed off the emulsion, 1/2 of the emulsion came out leaving a clean burn, the other half however, left a very thin sheet under a top layer that came off...

Did I put too much emulsion on the screen? What did i do wrong?

Thanks in advance
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Hmm, sounds like you may have.
I find if i DO over cook a screen, i can get it out with high pressure.
I would go to Home Depot, and buy a 500 w halogen light for 12$,
Place this 13" above the screen. Turn light on for 12 minutes.
Should work great.
ALSO, double up your artwork on the transperencies. That is print two, and line em up and tape em. you will see a difference when you hold it up to a light. WAY darker. this lets less light thru, giving you a better image.

Hope this helps!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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