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I'm going to be printing some basic signs (small quantities) on paper or wood. I'm using water based inks, and I bought Diazo emulsion. As I'm preparing to give this a trial run, i have a few questions...

Is Diazo the right choice for water based inks / signage printing. Suggestions?

At what point does the emulsion become light sensitive? Do I add the sensitizer in the dark, or do I only worry about it once it's on a screen and dry? I don't have a dark room, so what do I do? Can I use yellow light?

To wash out the unexposed emulsion, I'll have to transfer to my bathroom. I've seen people say just get it nice and wet before moving it, others say to use a black plastic bag. Once I'm in the bathroom, do I have to leave the lights off? Until what point?

Finally, a question about reclaiming. Is a reclaiming liquid/emulsion remover necessary or can I just use a pressure washer? I've seen YouTube videos of people doing it both ways, and I'm unclear on if it's based on the type of emulsion that was used. I'm using Diazo...what should I do to properly reclaim the screen.
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