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Diary of an Idiot!

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Hello T-shirt people. I happened upon your site completely by accident. I was searching the web for some screen printing and heat transfer presses when youtube popped up and i saw a few videos on making a DTG printer myself. Further searches and research led me to your forums which I read for hours. I am a young father of a little boy and I want to give him financial security and i think this would be the easiest, lowest start up cost business I could find.
I look forward to talking to you guys and hearing your input!

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Welcome. Threads under diy dtg by german 13 is your best bet for success. Be aware that even then it is not without significant cost to startup. Inks and a RIP program plus your basic art programs still u are looking at several thousand to be up and running at a production level. Also take a good look at screen printing. Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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