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Diadora Jersey--Mess UP!!! **HELP**

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Hey there.
Put names on the back of Diadora kids jersey's---polyester...left a box on the shirt that won't wash out and some areas of the shirt look faded or burnt.

Searched and searched on the process for polyester...HELP!! Have to replace these now.
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with some polyesters you need to use lower temp. to apply transfers. Not all transfers work at lower temperature. What type of transfer was it ?
from paperranch.
I have ordered some transfers from www.transferexpress.com

any help any one can help with please.
Are they plastisol (screen printed) transfers or inkjet transfers?
plastisol transfer, vinly
saumski said:
plastisol transfer
when printing on polyester garments that are not your everyday imprint t-shirt, you always need to test it before you start the job. What we do, if we do not have the same exact fabric/content on hand is, rip out a small piece of the transfer and print/test it on the inside hiden area of the garment. Make the right apply adjustments and so on.

A lot can go wrong when HEAT pressing/printing garments that are not made for this purpose, heat transfer printing.

Using a Teflon sheet sometimes helps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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