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hi, i have a theory,but dont want to kill my laser printer trying it out so thought id ask if anyones tried it? and how theygot on.
Ok, essentially t shirt transfer paper is comprised of a waterproof (silicone sprayed) paper first layer, followed by a thin coat of dextrin,which is then printed upon,hence producing a transfer.
has anyone made their own paper and successfully run it through a laser printer without it killing their print heads? ive tried it on a inkjet, 1st copy fine, 2nd copy my printheads were ruined,
im reading many conflicting things online, some people swearing by it and getting great results, while others are saying NEVER NEVER put dextrin paper through a laser printer as the heat will melt the dextrin and destroy the printer. but isnt ALL heat transfer paper dextrin based?Thres lots of different laser heat transfer papers on the market, and im just wondering why some work great and others not so great.
Also,while im here, ive thought about putting the dextrin ON TOP of the printed image,so no dextrin would even enter the printer, and using it like you would with a gel transfer,coating it, placing it face down on the garment and ironing it to see what happens.has anyone tried this and do you think i would work?:)
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