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Royal Apparel has a minimum of 60 shirts for relabeling. And yes, you must provide the labels.

I don't know if removing the label and printing is cheaper, though. If she is just starting out, she wouldn't have any printing methods herself. So she would have to hire someone to print inside the shirt, or invest in printing equipment. I think both are more than custom labels.

For a total cost of 50 cents per shirt, you could have someone remove the old label and sew in the new label that you have paid for. The cost of the new label is included in the 50 cents. That's pretty cheap.

Depending upon the materials used, 1,000 labels can be purchased for around $200. The removal of the old label and the sewing of the new label can be done for 25 cents.

Yes, Jennifer, what you want to do is very possible.

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