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Hi. I introduced myself in 2008 and poked around here and there when I wasn't too busy.

Two months ago I was assigned an I Search paper in college and decided to make starting a t-shirt line my subject. I figured if it was an assignment, not only would I have time to do it, but I would do it well for the A.

Thanks to this site and it's members, especially Rodney, I aced my paper and started my company. So, thank-you everyone! I would've spoken up sooner, but every time I have a question, it's answered on here with a quick search.

For tax reasons, I had to wait until May 5th to file my LLC, so everything before that was all research. In the last thirteen days I've filed for my tax id number, found a great screen printer, registered my domains, ordered 30+ samples, and settled on at least two vendors.

Dropping the shirts off for print tomorrow. Yay! My friends are getting samples in exchange for detailed reports post wear, wash, and dry.

I'm currently logging pre-washed measurements, and designing order-forms and line sheets for the keepers.

I'm in school and my two lines are small, so for now, my online presence will strictly be for stores and boutiques.

Oh, and I've decided to do sample boxes with these recycled corrugated tuck-tab boxes. They're super cheap and look great. I'm cutting squares out of the backs of the shirts to make them non-wearable, and using that fabric for swatch cards.

There's more, but I don't wanna bore ya. Thanks again to everyone who contributes on here. Hopefully I can learn enough along the way to be helpful here too. :)
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