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Hi people,

Can someone advise me about how you get t-shirts made where the design is actually dyed into the garment rather than being printed on the surface? I'm thinking about tees like Ed Hardy designs where there is often like a back print thats in the material and then the design is printed on top. Jeez I'm not explaining this very well! I dont know the name of the process/material and I'm hoping someone advise me. I assume that if you want to make tees like this you have to buy a large amount as you would have to get the material specially designed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated so I at least know the name of the product I want to make!!


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Generally the kind of thing you are describing is done by screenprinting, using discharge inks. It's not dyed, so there can be some minor feel to the print, but it is very, very soft and thin - almost indistinguishable from fabric.
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