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Designs on paper, where to start?!

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Hi everybody!

I currently make hair accessories and customise clothes etc but have some ideas I want to get on to t-shirts. I'm more of an artist than a graphic designer so at the moment my designs are simply drawings! I'm confident in the designs and have got feedback from hopefully my target audience, and people that aren't friends etc but it's just getting them on to t-shirts!

Can anyone advise on the best thing for me to do? Is it possible to go to a professional printer and for them to make my drawings in to a print or do I need to do this all myself first? Sorry if it seems like a very stupid question to ask!

If you need any more information to be able to help me feel free to ask, and thanks in advance for helping an amateur!!
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If you have a scanner scan the images and send to your local screen printer, they will be able to do the rest. If you do not have a scanner your local printer will have one and he could scan them for you. How many colors is the image
It depends on the complexity of the design, will there be colours? I wouldn't rely on the printer. You would be better off hiring a designer to do it for you.
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