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monkeylantern said:
Not to dampen any moods, but the time taken from "want to draw on a computer" to mastering Photoshop or Illustrator to the point of producing quality art will be many, many months.

But stick at it, as it's an invaluble skill.
I recommend using a graphic tablet to draw & paint on the computer no matter what program is used. If you are new to graphic tablets, "The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book" by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis is a pretty good book IMO - I read it even though I've used a tablet for a long time & I found lots of very helpful information.

Personally, I went with a Wacom Intuos 4x5 just so I could upgrade to the extra tools later on (an airbrush for the computer - wow - I have never even used one in real life but I want to learn on the computer where there is no mess to clean up afterward. I also want to get the new art pen at some point to try too.

My favorite feature though is the TILT feature. It makes it much more natural for how I hold my hand while drawing/painting so I do not have to concentrate on holding the pen a certain way like the Graphire made me do - I can focus on my painting instead.
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