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Design Will Not Print Black Film Positive

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I have tried everything, and I mean everything. I have a 4 color pdf design that I have imported (each color separation separately) into Illustrator from Photoshop. I print my film positives on an Epson 1430, and I have the black max ink kit. I do not have RIP software, but I never have had an issue until now. The red layer, and the brown layer, print out perfectly. 100% opaque black. No problems. However, the cream colored layer, and the white colored layer will not print black. Instead, they print a black outline around the design; literally a black line around the area. I tried doing a color overlay in Photoshop, but that didn't work. I tried changing the mode to grayscale and then used curves to make the design 100% black, and still didn't print black in illustrator. I can't print from Photoshop. It wont work. However, it's not the printer because I am able to print other designs in Illustrator with no problem. I have no clue what else to do. I know it's got to be some stupid minute setting and its driving me crazy! Does anyone have a solution???? HELP![/B][/B]
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