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Design tshirt for kubb team

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Hello everyone,

I am part of a small kubb team in Belgium, and during the summer months we occasionally play some tournaments. We’re looking for new tshirts, and I have some ideas, but I would like to see them made into a nice cool design. Could anyone help me with that?

The ideas are (I can't find a way to upload the pictures, but I can send them) :

• The tshirt model would be something like the one in 1.jpg – white, v-neck
• On the front we would like our logo 5.jpg, maybe centralized, and at the left and right of it colored lines starting, that go all the way around the back. Something like 2.jpg, but instead of ‘blur’ our logo, and instead of the short red and blue lines, we would like red-yellow-green lines (3.jpg), that keep on going over the back and around. The lines don’t have to be wooden textured, they could be just plain as well.
• On the back somewhere, maybe at the bottom left or right, we would like our other logo 4.jpg
• On one of the sleeves somewhere, we would like the logo of our sponsor (which we are still looking for)

Oh and btw, the logo 5.jpg was made for a black tshirt. For a white tshirt, the white colours (letters and splashes) would have to be inverted to black.
I’ve also added our old tshirts 6.jpg, which we want to be replaced.

We have our logo’s in photoshop format as well.

I’m not sure if my explanation is very clear, but do you think you could help us with this? Or know someone who could?

Also feel free to suggest another design, preferably with our logo's.

Thanks in advance!
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