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What Color T-Shirt Should the T-ShirtForums T-Shirts Be Printed On?

  • Black

    Votes: 14 33.3%
  • Navy Blue

    Votes: 12 28.6%
  • White

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Chocolate Brown

    Votes: 10 23.8%
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It's about time we had some official t-shirts printed up, so I wanted to throw out the idea of a t-shirt design contest.

I know, I know, it's be done before. But not here :)
The theme for the t-shirts will be "vintage", and I kind of had the idea of those old "break glass in case of emergency" type signs, tied into the idea that you can come to T-ShirtForums in case of a t-shirt emergency :)
The design should be 1-3 colors. They will be printed on black or navy t-shirts (I'll put this up for a poll).

The t-shirts will be giveaway items to t-shirtforums members with X number of posts.
Winner of the contest will get $50 via PayPal and a $100 Advertising Credit at T-ShirtCountdown.com and of course a "designed by" credit on the page of this site that will display the t-shirts.
There will only be a limited amount of t-shirts printed for this first round to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. T-Shirts printed after this round will have a different design.

Attached some images to help you out. The design should include the t-shirtforums.com logo.

Designs will be voted on by t-shirtforums members and I will make the final decision on which design will be printed (probably from the design with the most number of votes). The deadline for entries is May 5, 2006.

The contest discussion thread is here:

Please send your entries as JPG previews to [email protected] (keep the source vector/psd/eps/ai/high res/ file on your computer until the winner is named).

The JPGs will be posted on the site anonymously and voted on for one week. After a week, the winner will be selected. Limit one entry per member, so submit your best stuff :)


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