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Hello all and thank you in advance. I'm brand new to the printing world and I'm just in the process of creating my website and setting up my shop. I'm going to specialize in sublimation printing specifically geared towards sports leagues. I've read a lot of other threads about which design is the best or worst and to be honest I'm getting more and more confused/over whelmed the further I read.

Here are my basic needs: I will be offering 6-8 shirt styles max and will be using my own stock images or allowing the customer the ability to upload their own image. I also need a shopping cart option. I have a full-time web designer & graphic artist on staff who can create the website and industry specific logos for our library but both of them lack the experience on the programming skills needed to build our own design program.

Since I'm a startup I need to keep expenses a low as possible on a monthly basis but yet I do understand that you get what you pay for. I've noticed Melco's Live designer which is being offered at a special price but I'm a little hesitant because I haven't found many comments about it on this forum. I've also seen shirt tools but their website doesn't offer any samples of websites that are currently utilizing the software.

I really like the designer used on customink.com and zazzle.com.

I would like a software that can be incorporated into my existing site. I dont need a turn-key website solution.

One last thing....I also could use a few recommendations on a shopping cart option. I know melco's live designer has this included.

Any help from you guru's out there would be greatly appreciated. I thank you sincerely in advance for your helpful advice!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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