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hi everyone i am a 16 year old boy and i have my own clothing company i am currently making handpainted shirts and im moving up. my brand name is copywritten and i just wanted you guys to give me your opinions on these design ..also the envolope with the crown is my log tell me what you think!

thanks, stamped21


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Brand names shouldn't be copyrighted, they should be trademarked. To make sure you are getting the best intellectual property protection, make sure you are applying for the correct registrations.

You sure do like to post designs for opinions. I'll tell you this... You seem to be pretty talented for 16 years old. Rather than spend time posting here for opinions, get your designs in front of real customers and see what they like and what they will buy. That's the best way to get answers. And you will make money and gain exposure for your brand at the same time.

Good luck!
Dude nobody wants a shirt with an envelope with a crown on it. You need to think of some funny fresh stuff. Like I said in your other post the one with the van is cool, it's got a vintage feel to it, and it makes people go 'whoa cool van'... ya know? When my buddies see me wearing a shirt with an envelope and crown on it they're going to be going 'what the hell'? Sorry if this seems too out of line, and it may be for a 16 year old kid but having 'fresh deliveries' with a sexually provocative image on it WILL sell. Sorry sorry I know I have a mind that's deep deep down in the gutter but it's true. If you want to sell you have to be cutting edge!! Or be a corporation that does huge orders for big businesses, which not all of us have the luxury of having.
I'm sorry I feel bad. I didn't mean to sound harsh or anything I'm just trying to help. You know what you're doing as far as a 16 year old goes. My advice to you is to get some people skills and go around to your local businesses and bargain with them to make shirts for their shops. This is how you will make money, and the more money you get the more you can invest and succeed in your own personal clothing line. I wish you the best of luck buddy you're on the right track.
Oh and on your other posting it doesn't have the logo on the side of the van, it looks better that way take it back off. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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