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What's a good program or way to place my design on a t-shirt to preview it and as well show it to manufacturers
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You can do this in just about any design software... are your designs in digital format already?

Most production houses will want vector artwork (such as illustrator or corel draw)

You can then super-impose the design onto a t-shirt image; there are templates available from places like Digital Art Solutions and GO Media; however it can be as simple as using a good image of a blank t-shirt.

hope this helps to answer your question...
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Inkscape is a free software with all the capabilities you need.

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Well you can just do a simple comp in illustrator or CorelDraw. If your looking for realism you can take pictures of real T-shirts. I personally use the Fashion Factory plug in for CorelDraw. They look nice and you can change the color to whatever color you want. You can save them as tiff files with transparent backgrounds if you want to put them in illustrator, minus the color changing capability. Here is a link for a white shirt.https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vsr54vfrer7mnl/white.tif
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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