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Design on screen vs platen position HELP!!

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Is it "normal" for every job to "re-adjust" the position of the press platens for proper height alignment... alot?

We have a four head four color manual press. In most cases, we print t-shirts. It seems like we are constantly at the start of every job, re-adjusting the platens (in / out) to get the screens to align properly on the garment.

We have "tried" to standardize our screen "burns" by measuring the distance from the inside top of the screen to the top of the design and positioning the design for exposure accordingly depending on overall height.

We've tried to to standardize the depth position of the platen boards themselves by making the "top" (outside) edge of the screen align with the outside (collar) end of the platens.

The goal was that if aligned on the screen straight and proper, then when put on the press, if the platens are all in identical positions, then the design should be "close" to the proper position when you lay a shirt on the press.,, just minor tweaking to get true alignment.

Of course we realize that as you go from youth small to adult 2xl+, you have to "tweak" design locations slightly but "that" can be controlled by how you put the shirt on the press itself.

We of course realize there is some "play" in the positioning of the screens within the press head and clamping them down so you can fine tune the positioning and all... but it seems even with all this, we are constantly loosing the platen clamps and shifting the boards in or out several inches to accommodate the screen because we don't have enough adjust-ability in the screen clamp itself.

It's funny, even "training" videos and books don't cover this very much, either in how to layout the design on the screen or on the press... but you would think this is something that can and usually would be more standardized. They just slap it on the screen, square it, expose it, clamp it, and print... tadah... perfect location on the shirt. Never works that way.

Am I missing something here?
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I do my register marks manually. I position my design 1" from the register marks (½" for front). I have three register marks at top for registering to screen. One is centered at bottom for lining up on press. Each platen has a center line as well as a line for heart prints. I have a 13x19 film printed with a one inch grid. I posted a picture recently. I never move my platens. God Bless.
i use 20x24 screens as well ...i burn my screens mostly at 6" from top of image or registration mark depends i measure from top-outside of frame sometimes 5"
and at center on the width of the screen. my pocket logos i place at 6"down 5" in on screen..i use a T-square to keep me in line...and i never move my pallets... if you burn all your screens with the same placement the only thing you will be adjusting should be is the screen...send me a message if you need help and i will send you details and pics of how lay it out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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