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I need a design done for a customer by Wednesday 6-30-10, can anyone help? My screen printer / graphics guy quit Friday to open his own shop, and I have not replaced him yet. Most of the stuff we can do, just have to get adjusted, but need help with a job. I can pay a reasonable fee to have the job done, but need to have it ASAP. We use CorelX3 and will need to have the art in the right format with color seps so we can print films an go.

Per my customer he wants (for softball jerseys) a full chest design going on a red jersey. Skull (mean looking) with cross bones (however the bones need to be bats) he wants a cowboy hat on top of the head. He wants the eyes to be red, and the skull to be white black and yellow accent colors. The entire design needs to have flames in the background all around the design (can use any of the colors we are using in the design black, yellow, white, and red of the shirt). The only other thing that I need is Boo-Ya in black with yellow outline arched above the design in a "cool" font.

Thanks for anyones help on this, could lead to other art jobs when we need them, looking for a real cool design here. Contact jeff 903-893-1898 or [email protected]
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