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Design licensing fees

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Hey guys...couldn't find the exact answer to my question anywhere else, so sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. I've been looking into selling my clothing overseas and to avoid import fees, my distributor was asking for a price on licensing our designs. He'd find a manufacturer to produce the designs, and we would license our trademark, name, and designs. What would standard practice and pricing be for this? Is it a certain percentage of retail pricing? Thanks for any help!
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Not sure I would touch this at all. You will lose all control over production/products and if they default in somewhat..how would you enforce your rights...I think I would tread carefully on this. Seek out the opinion of an attorney with some expertise in this area...couple hundred dollars might save you a lot of grief
You're talking about an international business deal here. You definitely need to seek an attorney who specializes in international business or trademark law.
I asked my attorney about something similar quite some time ago. I was looking to buy the rights of artwork from someone in another country (I am in the US). The issue is their laws are not the same as ours. My lawyer wanted 1000 dollars up front to research the laws of the particular country and adapt my US based contract to the particular country. That will give you a rough idea on what it will cost to have a legit contract drawn up.

Or you can just hope they will be honest with you as I see lots and lots of small apparel companies buying artwork from artists oversees. And I know a lot of them don't use contracts. But, that would not be my recommendation.

However if they did breach the contract you would probably have to travel to their country in order to take legal action against them.
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