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Design Delima - Need Advice

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So I’ve a designer that I’m dealing with that is trying to sell my a design for my brand however he original had designed this design for some other guy who never paid him a ripped him off and used the design without his permission. Now my question is if I Buy this design and get the rights from the designer will this design be mines and will the guys who used it before without his permission be able to tell me anything about using it. He basically was going back and forth with the customer and sent them the file before getting payment and they vanished on him and blocked on on social media networks. He has showed me all the proof of them ripping him off.

I really want this design for me brand. Any advice/input will help, thanks
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i met this great girl
she is married, but she is going to leave her husband for me
she said the divorce is all but finalized this time
this should work out great for me, right?

no, on many levels

ask the person who has it now if he/she has proof they own it, and the designer ripped them off?
i bet you they do
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No they ripped off the designer.
Assuming the designer's story is the ground truth, do you really think the customer who ripped him off is going to be any help to you about using the design? Not only that, do you really think that party will stop using the design just because you think you own it?

I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole.
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Instead of focusing on all the issues surrounding this scenario I would clear my head and create another great design.
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When you start with a headache, the potential for a migraine is lurking.

--Ziggy 2018
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