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Hello. My name is Sherry Klein, Product Specialist with my husband's (Mark) company, Derbytees.com DBA Klein Design Inc. Mark started Derbytees.com as a college project. He had to design a company logo and a product and actually take it out to the public to see if it would sell. He went to one Demolition derby with 1 style of t-shirt and sold out! The next derby, he took 2 designs and sold out. That was 8 years ago. It has continued to grow and his company is the #1 Demolition Derby t-shirt supplier in the world. Since we outgrew our basement, we moved into a rented building and decided to expand our product. Mark started Klein Design Inc and we are now doing business, sports team, schools, benefit,ect....t-shirts and hoodies. We also do heat press, vinyl graphics, koozies, marketing materials, ect.......guess what? We have outgrown the new building. Moving into our new building next week! Much bigger!!! It was a tire changing company so we have a main office and 3 car bays to handle vinyl graphics. Decided to join this forum for some t-shirt screen printing questions as well as heat press. We always outsourced our screen printing but this year purchased a screen printer. The heat press is picking up as well since we do not screen print a onsie twosie order. We hope to keep growing so we have to hire more employees to relieve some of the work related stress.
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