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Hello to all. Just want to ask a question about selling shirts to a far away customer. Me and my brother are going to start a shirt business. We plan on selling the shirts by going around in around car and choose a place where we think could sell shirts. You may call it as "Naglalako" :) I also have another way of selling shirts, and that is through a buy and sell website, as you all know "SULIT" dot com. However, I am thinking what if the customer is from a far away place and we need to deliver the goods to them by courier (i.e LBC,Air21 etc.) Guys I need to know how to go about that, how to send the goods to the customer via courier. Please teach me the step by step process and how to do that also the costs in delivering the goods. Thanks so much in advance.

Also do you think that it is a good idea to roam around selling shirts to jump start our business? Could you also suggest a method on how to sell shirts for starters? Thank you all again. :)
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