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Definition of CorelDraw product codes.

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After reading through many forum discussions related to CorelDraw, I thought I would post what I have learned about their various product codes.

I will use the product code (CDGSx5ENHBB) as an example.

The code breakdown is as follows...

CD = CorelDraw
GS = Graphics Suite
X 3,4,5 or 6 = version
EN = English
HBB = Hard Back Book
HS = Home/School
AAM = Academic
UG = Upgrade edition (example = CDGSX5ENHBBUG)
MB = Mini box = no Book, pdf only!

These codes should be listed on back of the box and on most reputable reseller sights as product Code/ID or Manufacturers production code.

Hope this helps with selection.
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Got my Corel Draw x5 Full Version MB with license for 1 user and upgradable from Discount OEM Software | Buy Cheap Discounted Computer Software Online for $167.00. They sell the HBB (Hard Back Book) version for same price but last shipment from Corel came as MB (mini Box) version. I chose the MB version before it became unavailable also. MB comes with .pdf manual.
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