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Decorating methods for EVA Foam

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Hey guys. I know there's not a real good spot for this question; but I really need an answer and I think if anyone knows it; it's gonna come from here.

How would you go about decorating EVA Foam? From my research, it melts around 175F so most of the conventional decorating methods seem out of reach, yet my samples do look screen printed.

This is the EVA Foam that you might find being used for those pads that people use to put their knees on when gardening or other body to hard surface contact.

Any ideas?

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Hi, I had a EVA factory 20 years ago and we screenprint blocks.
We let dry it by air. Also we print 2 mm letter sheets with a heidelberger degel machine.
At that days they do a lot of transfer print on eva. Now i see on youtube they print with a flatbed UV printer. Good Luck
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