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Deciphering feedback from Printful tech

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Hey, Gang. I sent for a sample order of my new design (Printful), and the printing technician placed it on hold and sent the following message explaining why:

"Upon reviewing your order we noticed that some parts of your print file have been filled with black which is not going to blend well with the garment. This is because the white under-base will change the density of the printed black, so it's going to appear grey. For the cleanest print results, we suggest submitting print files with transparent backgrounds instead. How would you like to proceed?"

While I appreciate her feedback and am perfectly willing to fix any problems, I have no idea what she is talking about. My questions are as follows:

1. Why will the black fill within my design look gray on the white underbase? Isn't the point of the underbase to make sure the color of the shirt does not affect the appearance of the ink? I have used black ink within designs on black shirts before (which is what I'm trying to do now), and all was fine.

2. What does any of this black ink business have to do with transparent backgrounds? All of my designs are created as vectors and exported into .png for submitting to Printful, and all of them have transparent backgrounds. I double-checked the design in question, and the printfile I uploaded to Printful does have a transparent background.

In summary, huh??
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Hi there!

I actually work with Printful! You can always hit reply to that email to get back in touch with the design team and ask they further explain.

In regards to the transparency - they mean that the black parts of your graphic need to be transparent in addition to your background.

As far as the outcome of printing the black ink on a black shirt - When printing the black ink on top of the white underbase, it is going to cause that black ink to look brighter (which can come off looking grey) When printed on the black shirt, in comparison the ink will look grey against the black garment. It can also make the image look blurry as well.

You can definitely proceed with printing the black ink if you would like. This is just a courtesy message from the design team since most people are not happy with the outcome of printing black ink on a black shirt with DTG.
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